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Work-life balance is a big challenge for most people these days. Having a full-time job often means sacrificing precious time with family, friends and loved ones. Many people believe that working a 9-5 is the only way to provide for ourselves and our families, but in many cases, it still isn’t enough.

The chart above, published by Sentier Research shows that the average salary for a full-time employee in the United States has barely changed between 2000 and 2018. This is in spite of rising property and medical costs and a cumulative inflation rate of 37.6%.

The average American family struggles to balance the budget, even with two parents in full-time employment. Imagine how much more difficult it is for single parents! But finances aren’t the only concern for most full-time workers.

After a long week of commuting, working hard and juggling household chores and other responsibilities, many of us just don’t have the energy to enjoy the weekend. Nevertheless, we push on in an effort not to disappoint our loved ones, struggling through the tiredness until it is time to start yet another working week.

But many people are discovering that there is a better way to work. Imagine being able to work from home at hours that are convenient for you while earning enough money to live a luxury lifestyle. Better still, this business will give you such a good return on the hours you spend working, that you’ll finally have enough free time to truly enjoy your life.

Philadelphia mother of three Sonia Howard is just one of the people to discover the benefits that running an online business can offer. Up until a few months ago, Sonia was working full-time as a Personal Assistant in a Financial Services firm. Officially, she worked a 35 hour week, but in reality, a demanding boss and challenging workload kept her in the office for at least 40 hours a week.

‘My boss traveled a lot, and he relied on me to manage every aspect of his diary and travel itinerary. This meant that I frequently had to take work phone calls late at night or on the weekend. Each time that my phone rang during a family occasion, my kids would get upset, and my husband was losing patience. I worried about the impact this was having on my relationship with the people I loved the most.’

On top of this, when combined with her husband’s mechanic wages, Sonia’s salary was only just enough to stay on top of things.

‘We weren’t living in poverty or anything close to that, but we had to monitor our spending very closely, and there definitely wasn’t any money left over for luxury items or vacations.’

Sonia tried looking for other PA jobs in her city, but salaries for this kind of work had actually gone down in the ten years she’d spent at the financial services firm. She realized that she couldn’t afford to change jobs.

Frustrated, Sonia started researching other ways that she could earn a living without such a negative impact on her family life. She had always dreamed about running her own business and working for herself, so she was immediately curious when she read about the “90 Day Challenge”.

‘I’m really interested in healthcare, nutrition, and alternative therapies and that’s why the product caught my eye. Being able to provide for my family was my number one goal, but when I discovered I could do this by marketing something that is making such a difference in people’s lives, it was a huge bonus’.

Sonia decided to go for it, and six months later she hasn’t looked back. After just two months she was able to quit her PA job realizing that she was already making far more money online than in her office job. As time has passed, the business has become more and more successful. She’s been able to take the kids on holiday, treat them to lots of fun activities and best of all, she is there when they get home from school and at weekends.

‘Not having to worry about balancing the household budget or count every cent has meant that I’m finally able to relax and just enjoy the time I spend with my husband and kids. Our lifestyle has changed so dramatically, and although we are cautious not to spoil them, the kids are really reaping the benefits of my new career’.

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