How to Work From Home As an Affiliate Marketer

Affiliate Marketing is a referral marketing system which rewards you for referring new customers to a business with an affiliate program such as Amazon.  For example, if you promote a product sold on the Amazon website, for each sale generated through your affiliate link you will receive commission.

Getting Paid for Affiliate Marketing

There are several different kinds of affiliate programs out there. Some will pay you a percentage of each sale that you make while others have flat rates which are the same for every sale, no matter what the value.

Some affiliate programmes will pay you for actions or leads which lead to new customers signing up for subscriptions or free trials.  Usually, in this case, there is a flat fee for each sale you generate.  Two-tier programs reward you for referring other affiliate marketers to a program.

Pay per click advertising is not as common as it used to be but it still exists. This system pays you a set fee for every time that a visitor clicks on an advertising link on your website or every time that an ad loads on your website.

Most affiliate marketing programs pay affiliates monthly via PayPal although there are also some which will pay you directly into your bank account. Some, but not all programs have a minimum earnings threshold. This can be anything from $25 to $100.

Advantages of Running an Affiliate Marketing Business

There are lots of pros for this kind of business, including:

Minimal start-up costs.  The majority of affiliate programs allow you to join for free so you won’t have to invest anything to get your business started.

Quick Start: Once you’ve signed up to an affiliate program, you can start promoting products pretty much straight away.  There are a small number of programs which have stricter acceptance criteria and may take a few days to process your application.

Hassle Free:  Since you are not selling products directly, you don’t need to worry about shipping and returns or maintaining a product inventory.

Earn money 24/7:  Because your business is online, you can be making money no matter where you are or what you are doing.

No qualifications or experience required:  Even if you’ve never worked in marketing and have no qualifications in this area, you can run a successful affiliate marketing business.  However, it helps to have a basic knowledge of marketing and to do some research on promoting affiliate programs.

Disadvantages of Running an Affiliate Marketing Business

When it’s done well, affiliate marketing has the potential to make you lots of cash but like any business, there are some negatives:

Success takes time:  Unless you already have a large captive audience on your blog or website, it’s going to take time to make enough referrals to generate any significant income.

Online marketing can be tough:  Simply posting links won’t be enough to succeed. You’ll need to already know about internet marketing or be prepared to spend some time learning.

IT Skills:  It’s important to understand web codes and how they work in order to paste the affiliate links correctly on your website, blog or in your emails.

Restrictions:  Depending on which affiliate program you are using, there may be restrictions relating to keywords and PPC ads.  Some programs also specify that you cannot use emails for marketing.

How to Get Started in Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is one of the simplest online businesses to start.  Although a lot of affiliate marketers use a blog or website, it’s not necessary to have one.  Here are some tips to get going:

Choose your niche:  It makes sense to focus on a niche when promoting products.  If you’ve already got your own blog or website, then you already know what your niche area is. If not, think about subjects that you know a lot about and product categories that interest you.

Research:  Once you’ve picked your particular niche, start researching affiliate programs and products that match up with your chosen area.  Your profit potential is important, but you should also consider the quality of the program and its products as well as its reputation.

Decide on your method:  Now that you know your niche area and you are close to picking an affiliate program, you need to decide how you are going to promote products.   Websites and blogs are an obvious choice but there are other methods too.  Squeeze pages are a way to generate an email list which you can then use to promote affiliate products to your subscribers.  You can also use social media sites like Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook.  Using a combination of different methods is a good way to maximize your earning potential

Share: The next step is to start sharing your blog, squeeze page or website and getting your affiliate links out to a targeted audience.

Check that you are legal:  Depending on where you live, there may be business legislation which applies to your new venture.  Check with local authorities to find out if you need to fulfill any licensing or other criteria.

Affiliate Marketing Takes Time and Hard Work

No matter how much you know about Internet marketing, it’s going to take some time before you really start seeing real financial rewards.  You’ll need to do lots of research into your niche area and really understand your target audience.  Staying proactive is important. You’ll have to regularly update your website or blog with new and engaging content.  The same goes for email lists. Your recipients will soon be hitting the unsubscribe button unless your emails contain genuinely useful, entertaining or informative content.

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