How Much Money Can You Really Make as an Affiliate Marketer?

The Financial Reality of Running an Affiliate Marketing Business

Affiliate Marketing is receiving a lot of attention online these days, particular from aspiring marketers dreaming of raking in the cash while doing very little work.  The truth is a little different and while there is certainly money to be made in this field, success in affiliate marketing is dependent on good planning and consistent effort.

You’ve probably seen ads online for get-rich-quick programs marketed by supposed affiliate marketing ‘gurus’ promising six-figure sums in your bank account for a couple of hours work each month.  To read these claims, you might imagine that you can set up your blog or website and do little more than count the dollars rolling in.  The reality is very different.

You can earn money from affiliate marketing. You can even earn a very respectable income but only if you are prepared to dedicate time and effort to researching, planning and promoting as well as regularly updating your blog, website or email newsletters with genuinely good content.

Like most other online businesses, there are some affiliate marketers who have become incredibly successful, plenty who are doing okay and a whole lot who are not making a cent.  Affiliate marketing can very profitable but only if you are prepared to work at it.

There are Pros and Cons to Affiliate Marketing


Low start-up costs:  The majority of affiliate marketing programs are free to join.

No Product or Service:  Since you are just promoting, you don’t need to come up with a new or innovative product or service idea.

No stock or shipping:  You don’t need to work about storing products or dispatch and returns.

Flexibility:  You can work whenever it suits you.  This can be great for parents, students or people with other careers.

Potential for Passive Income:  Depending on how well you plan and market, your site could end up making money while you do very little.


Success takes time:  You’ll need to put in lots of time to generate enough traffic to make any significant income.  This is particularly true at the beginning of your venture.

Competition:  The best affiliate programs always attract lots of marketers so chances are, you’ll be competing with many other people.

Lack of control over your affiliate business:  You have no influence over how your affiliate merchant behaves towards buyers that you have referred.  Poor customer experience could reflect badly on your reputation.

Affiliate hijacking:  It’s a jungle out there and there are plenty of unscrupulous affiliate marketers out there who will steal the credit for your referral.  Find out how to mask your URL to prevent this from happening.

How to Succeed in Affiliate Marketing

If you are looking for an online business that you can run from home with minimal start-up costs and no delays, then affiliate marketing is a great choice.   Affiliate marketing isn’t particularly difficult. However, without research, planning and ongoing effort, you really won’t make money.

Here are some steps you can take to maximize the profits of your new affiliate marketing venture:

Educate Yourself:  Find out everything you can about affiliate marketing. Research different programs and read about people who have succeeded in this field. Find out how different affiliate programs compensate marketers and when and how you’ll get paid.

Focus on Quality:  Avoid working with affiliate merchants who produce low-quality items or have poor customer practices.  Your reputation is important and can be easily damaged. If in doubt, make some purchases to test out the products and the process.

Create your own blog, website or social media profile.  Having our own blog gives you a great opportunity to promote affiliate products.  Make sure that the content is well-written, thoughtful and informative or entertaining.

Match your affiliate products to the theme or subject area of your blog or website.  This is the best way to build your target audience and maximize your profits.

Promote your blog, website or social media page as much as you can.  Be clever and focus on your target market. Learn as much as you can about who that market is and where you can find it.

Create an Email list.  By encouraging visitors to your blog or website to subscribe, you open up more opportunities for promotion.  Free offers and newsletters are great ways to get people to hand over their contact details.

Keep a close eye on how your affiliate programs are performing so that you can learn what works where and when!

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