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Some people seem to have it all; money, enough free time to enjoy it and a great relationship with their kids? It looks like success comes more natural to some than others, but in reality, it is often just a case of not being aware of opportunities on our doorstep!

We all dream of finding the perfect job; the one where we can work for just a few hours a week but make enough money to fund a really great lifestyle. But for most people, the reality is a lot different.

Long commutes, stressful work and limited opportunities for career progression can leave us feeling trapped in a thankless and frustrating cycle where we never seem to achieve everything we set out to do.

Many parents find it challenging to balance their careers with raising kids. We all want to put our children first but having to work a 9 to 5 job can make it difficult, even impossible. Juggling a career with household chores and parenting is exceptionally challenging, and that’s before we even consider the financial concerns.

Add in the rising cost of living with high rent and loan repayments, and we all know how hard it can be to make it work. Just covering the necessary costs can be very difficult and that’s before we consider activities, vacations, and hobbies.

Deborah Carson was a typical example of a struggling mom. Deborah began working as an administrative manager at a real estate firm in New Mexico soon after completing college. Ten years later as a divorced mom of 2 boys, Deborah was finding that every month was a struggle to stretch her paycheck to cover all of her family’s expenses.

Childcare costs, insurance, a hefty mortgage as well as car repayments and grocery bills were eating up all of Deborah’s salary. There was no money left over for vacations or fun stuff and compared to other children in their school, Deborah’s kids were missing out.

They couldn’t understand why Mom wouldn’t buy them the designer trainers that their friends wore to sports practice, and each summer brought the disappointment of learning that once again, they couldn’t go on vacation like their friends.

Living from pay check to pay check meant that Deborah wasn’t able to save for her children’s college education and she was concerned that when the time came, she wouldn’t be able to provide for them.

On top of that, Deborah worried that she wasn’t spending enough time with her kids and she’d heard from their teachers that they weren’t performing as well in school as she’d hoped.

That’s when Deborah heard about the 90-day-challenge. She was able to set up her own online business in just a few days, and within a couple of months, she was making enough money to quit her 9 to 5 and work from home.

In less than half the time she spent at her real estate job, Deborah was generating a six-figure salary. On top of that, she was able to pick up her kids from school every day, help them with their homework and treat them to the fun stuff that she could never afford before.

It wasn’t long before their grades improved at school and six months after she set up her business, Deborah was able to reward them with a much longed for trip to Disney World.

Just a year down the line, the Carson family’s lifestyle is entirely different. Deborah has been able to make extra payments on her mortgage, reducing the family’s monthly expenditure. The kids are so proud when Mom drops them off at school in a shiny new SUV, and they’ve got a healthy savings fund on the go so that when the time comes for them to go to college, finances will be the least of their worries.

Deborah and her kids enjoy two vacations a year, and little things that they couldn’t afford before are now just part of their regular routine.

‘Just a year ago, I couldn’t afford to take the boys out for pizza or to the movies,’ Barbara tells us. Now, I can’t imagine going back to the ways that things were before. I’m so glad that I found about online lifestyle business. It’s really changed all our lives for the better.’

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