Here’s Why You Should Quit Your Job in 2019 To Work In This Booming 2 Year Old Market

Quit my job decision

Time is our most precious resource. So are you getting paid enough for yours?

A 2018 investigative analysis run by HuffingPost found that the average person spends:

11 years & 4 months watching TV or using social media
13 years & 2 months at work
26 years sleeping
7 years trying to sleep
4 years & 6 months eating
368 days socializing

That means right from birth the average person can kiss 50 years of their life goodbye. Even if they never watch TV or use social media. Meanwhile, we spend an entire childhood, adolescence, and young adulthood just sleeping.

After all that, we get a little over a year to spend with other people. And of course, it’s not always going to be people we like.

Now assuming the average person spends that 50 years wisely, Gallup states they can expect to make $9,733 annually.

Okay, that’s a pretty bad imbalance. But sad as it is, the world is filled with impoverished nations that are probably weighing that number down.

So what about a first-world country like the US?

The Balance places the average American’s salary at $44,564 as of the last quarter of 2017. The Motley Fool, one of the most respected financial websites on the internet, says the average millennial can expect a $35,592 salary – a mere $10,492 above the $25,100 US poverty line for a family of four.

That’s not nearly enough to save for a house, car, college fund while also raising and caring for a family. It’s the same sad reality that most people live in all over the world, even in first-world countries like the US and Canada – giving away huge chunks of their lives and not getting nearly enough in return.

The Routledge Handbook of Poverty in the United States by Stephen N. Haymes offers an even more alarming insight. Taking households living in “near-poverty” into account balloons the rate to 100 million people… from 10%-13% to nearly a full third of the US population.

That’s not all. A Statista report puts this already troubling poverty surge in an even-more troubling new light. According to the report, the number of full-time workers in the US has climbed from 111.71 million in 2010- the lowest in nearly a decade thanks to the ‘08/’09 recession- to 128.57 million.

Couple this with a report from Forbes that a “severe recession” similar to 2008-2009 is looming over 2019 and 2020.

This upturn in poverty alongside a record number of full-time employees does not spell out an optimistic picture for the near future. And it’s a sign that the idea of signing away five to six days of your weekday life to make someone else rich isn’t the road to economic prosperity we were all promised it was.

Saying that the American Dream is dead is starting to sound less and less ridiculous, isn’t it?

It’s no surprise then, that more and more Americans are quitting their full-time jobs to start their own businesses.

In fact, just the last couple of years have introduced to the US a booming new industry surrounding a single natural product. In 2017, this fledgling industry generated an astonishing $9 billion. That number climbed to $10.4 billion in 2018, the same year it received a whopping $10 billion from investors and introduced a quarter-million entry-level jobs to the market.

Forecasts for this new industry are just as promising. In fact, Grand View Research predicts it will grow to a mountainous $146.4 billion by 2025.

To put that into contrast, the US alcohol industry- a natural rival for the aforementioned fledgling industry- is expected to grow to $356.12 billion by 2025. While that number is nearly double of this new industry, it’s important to remember that alcohol has been a part of America since the pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock.

Meanwhile, this booming new industry is expected to exceed 50% of the alcohol industry’s projected value after being around for only two years.

The writing on the wall is clear. If there is any hope left for the American Dream, the way forward is to start working to make yourself money instead of someone else.

If you’re tired at waking up while it’s still dark and want to break free of the daily grind to work for yourself, this is a literal once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. The industry surrounding this natural product is over 100 years in the making, based on a movement that has been brewing and gaining remarkable support over just the last couple of decades. Now, we’re finally seeing things come to a head.

Of course, it’s always important to be careful of misinformation. That’s why a company called The 90 Day Challenge has put together a video explaining how to break into this exciting new industry. The video is presented here, ad-free and free of charge.

But much like the Gold Rush of 1849, this economic surge won’t last forever. Eventually, it will become crowded, as all new markets do. The ROI to be made will drop like a stone and cost-of-entry will rise. So if you think this is up your alley, time is of the essence.